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a mature cosmetics products often require multi-channel package

In fact, a mature cosmetics products often require multi-channel package, label need definitely more than one. The cosmetic label currently on the market film material, mainly Round acrylic jar manufacturer but not entirely do not use other materials. For example, many the cosmetics packaging needs sealing signed, whose role is installed cosmetics carton sealing also played a security role. Sealing label is usually used fragile label, fragile label materials of very low intensity, but its highly viscous glue, once labeling it is impossible to complete the label is peeled off, which play a security role. In addition, there are many cosmetic companies are also a large number of paper material to make the bottle and box label. This mainly is determined Airless pump bottle according to the customer's design concept and market positioning. Want to say here is not necessarily expensive materials in order to play the best decorative effect, of course, the film-like material, whether for decorative effect or degree of cooperation with the bottle than the paper label material advantage. Beautifully designed print production process will be reasonable, and the paper-like material also can produce high-quality cosmetics labels. Word label material choice or according to the customer's actual usage.

The above is the author of some of the experiences and expertise in the application of cosmetics label material, I believe that with the economic development in the future will have more new materials and new techniques used in the field of cosmetic labels, we look forward to a more colorful era cosmetics labels soon.
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