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The plastic bottles enterprises innovative mechanisms

medicine, cosmetics, food industry, these industries are basically product R & D and production are the same company, they are able to grasp the customer feedback to improve our products based on market demand, in order to continue to meet customer needs. This is a benign industry development mode.

    We now take a look at the production of plastic bottles, raw materials provided by the petrochemical enterprises, enterprises provide mold blowing machine and China spray pump bottle factory machine terminal customers reflect the basic feedback to the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other manufacturers in the hands of the downstream. Plastic bottles enterprises basically become a simple manufacturing enterprises, it is difficult to form their own competitive advantage and the threshold, it is difficult to understand the product in the hands of consumers experience feelings. The plastic bottles enterprise almost no R & D department. Product homogeneity is very serious, low added value. Obtained by changing the bottle only difference, but there is no patent protection. Now, the plastic bottles you want a new product innovations and breakthroughs need petrochemical enterprises to develop new raw materials need blowing machine companies supporting blowing equipment between pin down, causing the plastic bottle industry in sustainable development the innovation is difficult to achieve a breakthrough.

    Currently, a number of large Plastic tube supplier international enterprises began to start their own efforts rather than purely hopes on the plastic bottle packaging manufacturers. Coca-Cola began to invest a lot of manpower and material resources in the research and development of lightweight plastic bottles and plant material plastic bottles, and made ​​a lot of breakthrough. For the plastic bottle industry itself, if the entire industry continues to develop, the need to break this bad industry circles.
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