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Accelerate the development of advanced packaging equipment

Accelerate the development of advanced packaging equipment conform to the national "12th Five-Year Plan" to promote the rapid development of China's packaging industry, packaging industry to accelerate the development of new packaging materials, to Lotion pump bottle supplier accelerate the development of high-end packaging products development requirements, while changing the country still does not have afull packaging products and materials for the status of the exhibits professional exhibition, sponsored by the US-lion Media Group's US-India culture Communication Co., Ltd., the United States and China Beijing Advertising Co., Ltd., Global packaging trade Publishing Company Limited and the China Packaging Federationpaper Products Double airless bottle Committee, international Plastics Chamber of Commerce and the country's more than 20 provinces and cities packaging Technology Association strongly supports the "2012 China (Shanghai) international packaging Products and Materials Exhibition" will be held on October 30 at the opening of the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center.

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