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Empty plastic lip balm tube supplier

Hangzhou Wanmei Packaging Co.,Ltd. is a Empty plastic lip balm tube supplier,company has successfully implemented with 6S’ internal management model and are ISO9001:2008 Certified.  We provide total solutions to meet different customer needs including products and mold design & development.
Empty plastic lip balm tube, it includes the superstructure, the end of the spiral of the bottom, and the screw top of the rotatable connection in the knot, the knot in a fixed beam as well as beads, screw top and the junction has a through-hole beads, including child carethe core and under the care core of the screw, screw through the screw top and through-hole in the knot. For a square cross-section of the screw, and its surface has a two pronged threaded through-hole; junction square; through-hole, spiral, circular, its diameter slightly larger than the cross section of the screw for the square diagonal the length of the helix through hole has a relative said the two protruding teeth. This guarantees that the relative rotation of the beads with spiral columns screw spiral through-hole stretch. Set two protruding teeth and changing the screw cross section through the through holes spiral structure, square lipstick tube has the advantages of simple structure, easy production and processing.

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