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Plastic tube / Flexible packaging
Category:Plastic tube / Flexible packaging
Plastic tube, including PE tube & laminate tube, is widely used for cosmetic,food,industrial and pharmaeutical area. The plastic tube has high elasticity,bright color,crush resistance,fine shading,avirulence and perfect sealing. Our tube product range covers all kinds of Dia13mm to Dia60mm plastic tubes,two-layers, 5-layers, oval extruded tubes and laminate tubes.The full variety, pleasing appearance, competitive price which you can find on our products make our company more competitive.
Lotion bottle/ Cosmetic bottle
Category:Lotion bottle/ Cosmetic bottle
    Dispenser bottle offers the highest level of thread engagement in the "lock down" position, which means that it can not pop open during transit,ensuring safe and secure distribution. Our dipenser has versatile modular design, be suitable for a range of liquids,lotions and gels, no metal contact, no water ingress,smooth and ribbed closure options. The bottles are available in different size from 10ml~1000ml and material covers acrylic, PE,PP,AS, PET,glass...
Airless bottle /Airless pump
Category:Airless bottle /Airless pump
    An airless packaging product normally comprises some sort of contaner with a dispensing system. The packaging is sold as a combo in order to ensure that once the dispenser has been mounted, no air can enter the container to degrade the product. The advantages of the airless bottle are numerous,including:98% evacuation, no metal contact, such back mechanism, shippable, tamper evident and easy to fill. We offers an innovative airless fuction, providing extraordinary design.
Acrylic Jar / Cosmetic Jar
Category:Acrylic Jar / Cosmetic Jar
    Our jars offer an eye-catching silhouette sure to create a lasting and positive association with a specific product within the personal care or cosmetic markets. Currently, the jars are available from 5ml to 700ml, meaning a company can not only market a product, it can market a full product range. The jars are normally made of acrylic or SAN. Colouring, metallization, frosting, pearlising and printing are all available for our products.
Plastic container /cosmetic packaging
Category:Plastic container /cosmetic packaging
    As professional packaging group, we also can offer blowing bottle, plastic jar, lip balm...etc. We have a professinoal team of mould opening and all the advanced machines are imported oversea. We offer newer and more perfect design, more market-oriented product.

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