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Cosmetic container plant

Hangzhou Wanmei Packaging Co.,Ltd. is a Cosmetic container plant,company container is available for airless pump, lotion pump and acrylic Jar and plastic bottle/jar, which is  made of  PE、 PP、PET、PETG, PMMA、AS、PS, ABS… We have imported injection & blowing machines.,We provide silk-screen print、pad print、metalizing、color-spray、coating、aluminum-oxidation decoration.
The most commonly used plastic materials for cosmetic containers from the texture can be divided into two categories: soft materials and hard materials. <1>. Typical soft material PE polyethylene PP polypropylene. Their appearance features are: 1 after processing apparent characteristics: PE Polyethylene white waxy translucent material, soft and tough, little can be done, the material is lighter than water, non-toxic. Can color, bright color is poor. PP PP transparent or translucent materials, winding resistance and excellent performance. Color material bright color is better.  <2>. Typical rigid material ABS acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene copolymer, PMMA, poly methyl methacrylate, etc. Their appearance features are:Processed apparent characteristics: ABS material opaque material, pale ivory. Can color a bright color products with a high gloss. Has a tough, rigid, rigid material characteristics. The PMMA is transparent, translucent like glass, with the best in the plastic transparency, low surface hardness. Easy to scratch hard objects, rub the hair.

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