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For female consumer psychology Design cosmetics packaging color

   The development of modern society, women in some cities to extend the working hours in the workplace, so bring employment-related consumption, such as beauty, make-up, fitness, consumer spending rise. 2001 in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Harbin, Guangzhou and other urban female consumer survey shows that women make-up, beauty spending on the rise, women of the middle-income (1,000 yuan to 1,500 yuan / month), month for make-up, beauty costs less than $ 100 accounted for 13%, 65% between 100 yuan to 200 yuan, 201 yuan to 300 yuan accounted for 13%, 9% more than 300 yuan. Be seen, the cosmetics market is full of huge potential consumer market, who can come to the fore in the number of brand competition, will have the unlimited business opportunities and profits. Cosmetic packaging is to attract female attention of consumers first pass, the colors precisely the key to this mark. Cosmetic packaging design, Lenovo features to make full use of color, caused by female consumers a good imagination.

1 To make good use of colors to bring the experience of female beauty, to meet the beauty of the heart. Heart of beauty in everyone, especially women consumers, the beauty of the heart is more prominent. Cosmetics color design, different color preferences for different age groups of consumers, to fully meet their beauty of the heart. Cosmetics for young women, the tone should be fresh, lively, in order to fully reflect the vitality and health of young people. Arche aloe moisturizing cream, emerald green packaging fresh and clean, full of vitality, vulnerable young girls of all ages. Products for the middle-aged consumers, the tone should be athletic, elegant style. They require a higher quality product, but also pay more attention to brand consumption. SK-Ⅱ various essence products to Chinese red-based colors, not only reflect the traditional Chinese flavor, but also gives a noble feeling, but also filled with a sense of vitality, so many women believe this product nourish the skin to keep the skin young state outstanding performance.

To select the color according to the positioning Plastic tube of the product sales hierarchy, to meet the women's sense of superiority and vanity. Positioning different groups of different brands of cosmetics, product selling prices also differ greatly. Cosmetics suitable for mass consumer groups, in the same package with rich colors to meet the needs of consumers of different ages. Great Treasure Series product packaging in a variety of colors of pink, green, blue, purple, black, gold and other ingenious, but the rich colors and clean lines. Consumers of high-end cosmetics for women of good economic conditions, relatively speaking, their sense of superiority and vanity is relatively strong, the color display their merchandise noble, value for money, to meet the psychological needs of this group. Such as Amore shiny products, decorative gold. In the Chinese people's concept of the golden mean that there is a supreme. Choice of gold can fully reveal the high-end quality of the product and noble status. Eno position crystal horny series of products use the purple bottle, elegant and noble feeling natural distribution, allow owners to obtain a greater psychological satisfaction.

3 the packaging color design focus on make-up, highlighting women's personality and value. Moisturizer, whitening cream, foundation and sunscreen products can only meet the needs Flexible packaging of female consumers basic skin care, if you want to highlight the personality charm, make-up is necessary. Different psychological make-up to give people a different feeling, both pure and lovely, fresh and elegant, you can also fashion sexy, smart intellectual. Therefore, the make-up packaging color design is not only to give female consumers sense of beauty, but also bring their imagination about the personality and values.

The packaging is only cosmetic, "coat", designed to "cloak" can attract female consumers, but the most important thing is the quality of cosmetics. Therefore, to remind those cosmetic manufacturers are sure to "Xiuwaihuizhong" will it be possible in a highly competitive cosmetics industry to gain a firm foothold!
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