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China's packaging industry output value of 1.3 trillion yuan famous

China International Industry Fair Forum "green packaging and standardization international seminar held in Shanghai yesterday. It was disclosed in 2011 the total output value of China's packaging industry, the second highest in the world with 1.3 trillion yuan, accounting for 2.67% of the national GDP. However, the industry overall evaluation of the Acrylic cosmetic cream jar world's second packaging big country "is not optimistic, vice president of the China Packaging Federation frankly Yang Weimin, China's packaging industry the modern industrialized overall level is not high, self-R & D capability is still relatively weak, with the other industrialized countries with higher levels, there is still a big gap, "a direct reflection of the main indicators of the gap, is the standard level of difference is our packaging standards with international standards was only about 50%.

China the CIIF Technology Forum 11 consecutive years focusing standardized, this year, the participating experts, industrialists around the main proposition of "green packaging", relating to the topic of packaging materials, transportation, hazardous substances under the standard depth discussions. The National Development and Reform Airless bottle manufacturer Commission deputy inspector Zhao high, at present China's large and medium-sized cities packaging waste by volume of all municipal solid waste nearly half, one-third of the weight of the implementation of green packaging, reduce pollution brought about by packaging become a major and urgent task. Standard content is not reasonable and perfect; standard is not enough coordination between the lack of systematic; heavy form, poor operational.
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