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    Late summer of this year, to mid-May, the detergent has yet to enter the hot season, with profit margins, such as positioning the same ills detergent and suffered a serious drop in sales this year. Shaanxi Baoji Hongfeng daily operations, general manager of SUN let, from April to May this year, sales of detergent than in previous years declined.

However, the market is more saturated, the intensity of competition is Cylindrical shaped airless bottle supplier more reflected most vividly here. The reporter visited Xi'an Daniel Mall, Baoji Yongjia wholesale market, and found this summer, major detergent brands from price to product structure, and have varying degrees of adjustment, the market battle has kicked off.

Decided to sell the brand and price. The reporter visited the market, almost 80% of the detergent market in the city is well-known brand occupation, liquid market for the protagonist is Li Bai, Tide and other famous brand. Fang Yan Fang Yan, general manager of the cosmetics, detergent wholesale Perfume bottle factory department told reporters, Xi'an local brands in the odd strong, the Chinese market only in the rural county sales considerable open m due to the high price generally low in the flow of market demand. Learned in a number of wholesalers and the Liby soap powder bag $ 20, the odd strong bag for only 13 yuan. Why the lowest contrary, poor sales? Fang Yan said that the biggest customers of the wholesale market is the unit of procurement of labor protection commodities.Square airless bottle manufacturer Units in the choice brand visibility and reputation, and the odd strong due to the low-cost low-end products, not by the city of all ages. Coupled with a strong urban consumer brand awareness, so affordable advertising products such as Li Bai, the Tide is more popular.

Profit margins is the norm of the washing market, disguised inflation is stable profit. Xu Qin, Xi'an right to the general manager of sales department, told reporters Plastic bottle supplier that a single point of view from the detergent, the wonders of the purchase price of eight yuan, the retail price of 10 yuan; QIQIANG purchase price of 6.2 yuan, the retail price of 7 yuan. From this calculation, the average of less than 15% of the profits of the detergent. To strike a balance between profits, prices of cleaning products has never stopped. SUN let businesses keep changing the bar code, for packaging, the same price but reduce packaging capacity, "disguised inflation is a common means of detergent manufacturers. Liu Haiyang, Baoji City Parkway supermarket, general manager, said businesses disguised inflation, China cosmetic container manufacturer on the one hand, to fight for the consumer to more normal price, on the other hand cost savings, increased profits. Improve the functional demands of a big coup for businesses to capture the market. Xi'an merchandise procurement stations Zhang told reporters, easy to clean, strong detergency, the basic requirements of consumer cleaning products, on this basis, the liquid detergent of the different manufacturers have different additional features. Zhang, "84" Guangzhou, a factory production of liquid detergent, the product that can be disinfected ingredients, the name of the concept of the "84 disinfection" to join in the liquid detergent into the market, and affordable and impressive sales. Tide liquid detergent "Fragrance" and just this year, Fang Yan cosmetics, cleaning supplies wholesale department, Lavender Essential features of the product new hugely popular, and exquisite packaging, is currently the largest brand of their store sales.

The combination sales "is a promotional tool. Said Liu Haiyang, the manufacturers and agents the past two years in the liquid detergent sector is extremely competitive, and several major brands in addition to price war, and gift promotions, new product promotion, the agent will be jointly and severally sales driven by new products enter the market . The agents require dealers in accordance with the different number of single items of laundry detergent, laundry detergent, laundry soap with purchase, and according to the quantity of goods sold by the store to give rebates.
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