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The majority of the net purchases of imported cosmetics without a Chinese label

Ms. Liu has been like a big brand cosmetics, but due to the expensive imported cosmetics store counter, so Ms. Liu to listen to friends online sales of this brand cosmetic packaging of cosmetics, the price is about the mall 70% with imports, will help Alipay friend, to help its net purchase their favorite brand of cosmetics. Cosmetics delivered, she found no Chinese identity, packaging and do not know how to use. She has to find someone to ask the seller on the Internet, and learned to use methods.

Liu told reporters that use less than a month, found that appear on the face of the obvious symptoms of allergy, find the seller theoretical, the answer is that my facial skin problems can be suspended, and other allergy symptoms disappeared, and then use of a stage the skin slowly China cosmetic bottle manufacturer adapt to the cosmetic. If you want to return, must be borne by Ms. shipping back and forth. Ms. Liu ultimate measure of the pros and cons, she chose to bear the return shipping, the set of cosmetics drained away.
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