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Nearly half of cosmetics "excessive packaging"

The reported: Yangcheng Evening News reporter Tan Chao correspondent Sui Zixuan addition to quality issues, the Weight "shrink, the packaging" excessive "also by consumer concern. The fourth quarter of 2012, the Guangzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out supervision and checking of bags of rice, bottled edible oil, cosmetics quantitative packaged goods, supervision and spot checks as well as cosmetics limit excessive packaging of goods. Nearly half of cosmetics "excessive packaging", 6 batches of rice and three batches of edible oil the actual net content of "diminished."

According to reports, the measurement of special inspection of a total sample of 69 batches of the net content of the bags of rice, 63 batches of qualified. The biggest shortfall of 0.72%, grain processing plant to produce in Xintai students, Zengcheng double bamboo Nianmi nominal net content of 15kg actual net content 14.892kg. In addition, the Cleaner cosmetic bottle plant production of eight Damien factory in Zengcheng City, Guangzhou seven silk soft sticky rice, grain and oil processing plants of Guangzhou Zengcheng high star Featured Daoxiang sticky, Guangzhou City with Basmati Rice Industry Co., Ltd. 100 Township rice production, the Guangzhou Conghua chess abundance food rice processing plant (Janet Gui rice), rice (Conghua oil Nianmi Brand: Fukada) of 6 batches of rice Net content "from the chemical Western Food Co., Ltd., Guangzhou shrinking." At the same time, the bottled edible oil sampling net content of 36 batches tested four batches failed. Sea bridge, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, sesame oil sub-bag factory production of the river bridge edible oil,, Jia Jia edible oil, Guangzhou of Sumy Aberdeen Limited edible oil, cereals original Hong Guangzhou Tian Long River Food Co., Ltd. edible oil 3 batches edible oil "shrink" the phenomenon exists, a batch is a net content labeling unqualified.

In cosmetics, quantitative packaging unqualified more Round acrylic jar manufacturer serious quantitative packaging of 124 batches of qualified 101 batches net content of the physical kind of net content checks pass rate of 81.45%. While the maximum shortage amount of 7.8% (0.26g). Such as Guangzhou Kadi lotus Cosmetics Co., Ltd. production Revitalizing Hydra flawless BB cream nominal net content 35ml actually only 32.07ml. In addition to the kind actual net content than the nominal "shrink" cosmetics Another problem is "excessive packaging". Cosmetics limit excessive packaging sample of 17 batches the nine batches passed the test, and limit excessive packaging checks pass rate of 52.94%. Magic water source which Guangzhou HUANYA cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd. the water milk (12 ml), biological beauty care Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Guangzhou UM production of white doctor soothing to go red whitening cream (50 grams) there are excessive packaging.
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