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Zhejiang liquor highlight the tight encirclement of rice wine?

www.wmpackaging.comZhejiang rice wine is world renowned, but the lack of local liquor brand but it is an indisputable fact. Highlight the encirclement of the rice wine liquor brand, has been thinking of the liquor industry. Recently, the Maotai frequently staged liquor prices Acrylic airless bottle manufacturer mythology, triggered collectors eager to buy high-end liquor market situation is excellent. In Zhuji, a red sorghum liquor called the Tongshan drunk beauty, played every altar the high price of 1880 yuan, hit most of the of Zhejiang estate prices of liquor.

Chinese cosmetics exports grew faster in emerging markets gradually became The main

The first half of this yearThe China's exports of cosmetics Cosmetic acrylic bottle in all total exports growth can be described as ahead, under The influence The the economic crisis The Europe, the domestic export economy also much frustration, but The cosmetics export industry but as always. The latest survey data show that foreign cosmetics and skin care products worth up to $ 358 million in the first six months of Chinese exports, an increase of 22 percentage The, the development is astounding. The face The the high growth rate The exports, ChinaThe cosmetics suppliers, though still remain wary of The prospects for the development The The traditional European and American Cosmetic acrylic bottle supplier markets, but The began to cast attention of The emerging market opportunities.

Talk about blowing machine technology development

PET blow molding machine according to the preform China cosmetic bottles factory heating conveyor is divided into two kinds of rotary and linear. Rotary blowing machine capacity, speed, design complexity, and the price is higher. Typical rotary blowing machine is The French SIDEL the SBO series its SBO24 blowing machine hourly output of more than 20,000 bottles; linear blow molding machine, a typical representative of Japan's ASB and Cleaner cosmetic bottles AOKI general, this The mechanical design is relatively simple, but production will become a bottleneck, it is difficult to over 6000 bottles / hour.

Cleaning Wikipedia: Guangzhou garbage classification VS garbage classification

Guangzhou introduced Guoneishoubu garbage classification Ordinance and municipal solid waste classification management Interim Provisions ", into effect from April. A stone arouses thousand waves, garbage how points is considered environmentally friendly, how to guide China cosmetic bottles factory people to categorize, Guangzhou strive classification rate standards ...... incident became the topic of civil hot.

Acrylic bottle: the advantages of both plastic and glass

Acrylic bottle, its raw material chemical commonly known as PMMA, in the field of cosmetics bottles, acrylic bottles are widely used in high-end creams, lotions and other cosmetics packaging, by the market.
    The Chinese bottles network Acrylic bottle has both the plastic Acrylic Jar characteristics: shatterproof, lightweight, easy to color, easy processing, low cost, and has the characteristic appearance of the glass Cosmetic Jar bottle is beautiful, high-end texture. That cosmetics manufacturers Plastic container the appearance of glass bottles, plastic bottles cost but also both the impact, and is conducive to the transportation advantages. At present, the domestic acrylic cosmetic bottle manufacturers concentrated Zhejiang Shangyu manufacturers here in the country is among the first engaged in Acrylic packaging production, products are exported to European and American cosmetics bottle packaging market.

The new polyurea coating spray equipment and technology

    Polyurea coatings abroad for nearly 10 years, in order to meet the environmental needs and developed a new solvent-free, pollution-free coatings.
    It is characterized by: construction process Airless pump is simple, not affected by the construction environment may be below -20 ℃ and 40 ° C above construction, according to the needs of any from the influence of moisture and temperature, the curing time of the coating can be in the range of 10s ~ 30min regulation; solvent evaporation construction is completely green paint; fast curing characteristics, construction on arbitrary surfaces, both vertical and a variety of complex Lotion bottle parts, smooth surface appearance after spraying; water, acid and alkali , radiation-resistant, excellent Cosmetic bottle resistance to oxidation, anti-microbial and other physical and chemical properties.

Food Processing - popular in the U.S. market seven new food packaging

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Punishment shall be first excessive packing for green standards

China has become the world's most serious luxury package one of the countries, packaging waste of solid waste half volume, waste a year four hundred billion yuan, a third of urban living garbage is packaging waste. The author thinks that, curb excessive packaging produce of excessive waste, the urgent task is to make the legislation of the green packaging compulsive standard, to not enforce the standard enterprise severe penalties.


Cosmetics bottle of "segment" of the university asked

The huge cosmetics market has become more mature, but on the market at present all the cosmetics could meet all the needs of the consumers? The answer is no. The future of cosmetics market should grow differentiation, meet the needs of different areas, the market demand.


Cosmetics packaging manufacturers treasure cypress expand export business

Every one of the success of China's export enterprise has a in fierce competition for a living and developing story. Production costs continue to rise, and other emerging economies launch challenge, these are all export enterprise in the harsh reality of before.




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